Leak Detection

Leak Detection & Inspection Services

Leaks and moisture problems can be hidden in your walls, attic, or under flooring.  Exploratory location (ie manually ripping out contents) is usually too expensive.  Before you tear open a wall or remove a floor, you should know whether or not moisture is present.

Hidden moisture causes BIG problems

Have a leak in your roof or ceiling, but don’t know where?  We can help you locate where the moisture is coming in.

Did a pipe burst inside a wall or under flooring? We can help you pinpoint these locations too.

When you get a professional moisture inspection by Dry Solutions, you can save money by avoiding more costly replacement. Plus, you can avoid multiple service calls to plumbers and roofers.

Are you buying a home and suspect past water damage? Our moisture inspection may be able to tell you if water has recently been a problem inside the home.

If you see mold or smell a musty odor, this is a good sign that moisture is present in the building. That moisture is creating mold growth. To stop the mold problem from getting worse, you need to first find out where the moisture exists.

Rapid Emergency Response


  • On Call 24/7 Emergency Response
  • A+ Rating with BBB
  • At Your Door In 1-2 Hours
  • Fully Certified & Trained Technicians

Thermal Image Moisture and Leak Inspections

You’ll have your inspection done by professionals who have been trained and certified in the areas of water damage restoration. We’ll use thermal imaging cameras to scan the areas of concern. In addition, we use hand held moisture meters to get accurate readings of moisture content. If you have more than 15% moisture in any area, we’ll give you recommendations for drying.

Dry Solutions has been trained and certified for Building Science Thermography, which means we’ve undergone special training to be able to use thermal imaging cameras to detect moisture.

Need a report to give your insurance company?

Each moisture inspection we do comes with a detailed report, along with thermal image pictures of some of the areas we inspect.

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves...

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Trina D

The documentation, pictures, and report they provided to my insurance company was phenomenal. They go BEYOND what most other companies do. They were very caring, compassionate, and respectful of my pets and professionals from the minute you dial their number. The quality of work they provide far exceeds anyone's expectations, and the bill is way less than I expected. I wouldn't consider calling anyone else.
- Trina D. 5 Star Rating

John N

Went fantastic. They were there 90 minutes after call. Good price. Good work. Good people.
- John N. 5 Star Rating

David I

Was lucky enough to select Rick from Angies list, he responded that same day at 6 oclock when my tenant arrived and since it was within 48 hrs of the water damage he immediately place his equipment into the condo. He was both professional, courteous, & knowledgeable. The equipment dried out the drywall and Rick also lifted baseboard and rugs without damage, he has the specialty tools for the job and worked in conjunction with my tenant. The insurance adjuster met Rick onsite and believed he was the right man for the job.
- David I. 5 Star Rating

Why Choose Dry Solutions?

Born and raised in Safety Harbor, FL, our family-owned and operated business is here to serve you. In business since 1997, we established a reputation for quality work and that extra attention to detail most providers miss. Our service technicians are trained and background-checked, so you have peace of mind knowing that we have reliable and motivated people in your home.

You have to love what you do to excel, and it shows in every job we do. We believe in 100% satisfaction!

About Us Our Services

At Dry Solutions we deal with finding leaks everyday.

Water leaks are destructive and can be a constant nuisance not to mention costing you lots of money if left unchecked.

How We Can Help

Want to buy or sell a home?

Before you sign on the dotted line, call us for a Infrared Home Inspection. We can locate potential problems that you can request the seller pay for before going to the table.

Need water leak detection services?

If you suspect a leak or see signs of mold this could be a potential problem that could cost you in the long run.

Need a second opinion with Infrared Proof?

If you’re unsure whether a water emergency job was finished properly or need some tangible proof to take into court with you, we can be reached 24/7. We can quickly identify problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye and eliminate older, more costly inspection techniques that require lots of labor and destructive probing.

Dry Solutions is proud to be one of the very few companies in the State of Florida to have earned certification in Building Science Thermography.

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