March 21, 2018

What To Do When You Spilled Some Pasta Sauce on Your Carpet

Enjoying a big bowl of pasta can really be nice to do when watching your favorite television show in the living room. Watching TV while enjoying your spaghetti is surely one way to spend an evening but it can be ruined when you accidentally spill some pasta sauce on your carpet.

Pasta sauce spilled on the carpet can be a real downer as it can cause quite a problem for any homeowner. It can cause a big stain which can make your carpet look ugly as well as potentially cause unpleasant odor and bacteria problems if you don’t clean up after it properly.

Thankfully, pasta sauce stains can be removed completely from your carpet. What you will need though are the right tools, materials and equipment to get this done. Here is a guide of what you need to do to easily get rid of pasta sauce spilled on your carpet.

Step 1. Use your hands to carefully remove the loose pasta particles on the carpet. This is the first thing that you would need to do. Once you have removed all the loose pasta caused by the spill, it’s now time to go on to the next phase: dealing with the pasta sauce.

Step 2. Get some paper towels and try to absorb the excess pasta sauce on your carpet. Do this by blotting the spilled area, not rubbing it, using the paper towels. It will help get rid of the excess pasta sauce but you would still need to remove the stain that the spill has caused.

Step 3. Make a cleaning solution using a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a teaspoon of white vinegar and ¾ liter of water. This cleaning solution will help in breaking down the stain so that it will be a lot easier to get out of your carpet. Apply this onto the pasta sauce stain and then allow it to set for a couple of minutes.

Step 4. Get a piece of clean white cloth and start blotting the affected area once again. Remember not to rub the stain and only blot the area. You will see that the stain is gradually becoming lighter as it transfers from the carpet surface and onto the cloth. Continue doing this until the entire stain is gone.

Step 4. Rinse with water the portion of the carpet where the spill happened. This will prevent any sort of residue from being left behind. Dry the area using some clean rags and then you’re through.

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