Water Damage


Dry Solutions is ready to respond to your water damage emergency day or night. Leaks or pipe breaks can disperse large amounts of water inside your home with little or no warning and if left unchecked can cause damage to most everything. We have been providing flood damage restoration in West Chase, FL since 1998 so call today and let us handle everything from inspecting – documenting the loss, water removal, drying and repairs. We do all this while working with your insurance company along with providing all documents and readings from the start to finish.

The company you hire should have the proper tools, training, and experience to manage a restoration loss. One aspect of managing a loss is knowing what is wet and what is dry. That’s why Dry Solutions is state certified in Building Science Infrared. This allows us to know not guess at what is wet. This is just one example of how not being properly trained or not having the proper equipment can lead to problems in managing a water damage loss.


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From left to right: 1. We can locate hidden leaks or moisture problems in your home. 2. Anomalies inside your ceiling can be dangerous if left unchecked 3. We can locate exactly where the pipe break is inside the wall without doing any damage. 4. Find hidden roof leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

Our Training Certifications For Water Damage Restoration

Below are just some of our training certifications.

  • Certified West Chase Water Damage Restoration Firm
  • State Certified in Building Science Thermographer (infrared)
  • EPA Lead Certified in Renovation, Repair & Painting
  • Certified Carpet Repair & Re-installation Firm
  • Certified Carpet Cleaning Firm
  • Certified Upholstery Cleaning Firm
  • Certified in Tile Cleaning & Grout Color Sealing
  • Certified in Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Call us today with your questions or if you need help with a project. Call only a professional that is qualified to handle this type of emergency and is not limited to just extracting the water in your home.

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We are ready to help day or night.

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