Tips in Effectively Eliminating Fruit Salad Stains on the Carpet

Eating fresh and healthy is really something that people are doing more and more these days. It is very important to eat the right foods which is why enjoying a healthy and delicious fruit salad is better than other dessert options that you would usually eat.

Fruit salad is always a popular option among people who love to eat but are also concerned about the nutrients that they are getting. Fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, pineapples, and other delicious varieties make for a tasty treat but you should be careful though not to accidentally spill it all over your carpet.

If you are unfortunately facing this type of situation in your home, taking the right steps is very important. Check out the following tips below to learn how you can effectively clean up your carpet from this kind of stain.

  • Grab a clean spoon and slowly scoop up as much of the spill as you can. This is really the first step that you should take as clearing the carpet of the foreign material is of utmost importance.
  • After removing the fruit salad particles, the next step is to get a paper towel and blot the spot where the spill occurred. This is going to help remove some of the cream and other liquid particles on your carpet. Continue to blot until you have eliminated as much of the spill as possible.
  • Making a cleaning solution for the fruit salad stain is the next thing that you have to do. Take a teaspoon of clear ammonia and then mix it with a cup of warm water. The ammonia is perfect for the stain since it will help break it down easily.
  • Take the cleaning solution you have made and pour a few drops of it onto the carpet. Make sure that you do not overuse the cleaning solution as it will not make any difference. Once you have poured the cleaning solution, take a piece of clean white cloth and then slowly use it to blot the area.
  • You should take time to repeatedly blot the area affected on your carpet in order to completely get rid of the ugly stain. It won’t happen quickly but you should just keep at it until your carpet is stain-free again.
  • Flush out any residue that could remain on your carpet using a cup of clean water and then dry it off with some clean rags. This will finish off the job and your carpet should be good to go once more.