Tampa Carpet Cleaning Specials During December

It’s that time of year again to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends. Getting your house in order before your guests arrive is not on everyone’s list of things to do. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to manage all of the dozens of things going on during this busy time of year. Maybe we can help. Call us today for our holiday cleaning special and get your floors cleaned and ready for the holidays.  We will schedule an appointment that works with you busy schedule and get your floors cleaned before the holidays.

We are experts in cleaning carpet in Tampa, FL but we do so much more. If you have tile and need to restore it back to it’s original condition consider calling us. We can make your grout lines beautiful again and your floors shine. Grout lines are very difficult to clean and this is why many people give up trying to keep on top of this chore. Cleaning tile and grout requires special tools and equipment to do a good job and maximize the cleaning results. Knowing what solutions to use with your tile and grout is also important. What we use to clean your shower stall is different from what we use to clean your living or dining room tile floor. Color sealing is an option for those of you that want to change the look of your grout lines. Just imagine installing new kitchen cabinets but now it doesn’t quite match you tile floors. With a change of color on you grout lines you can transform you tile floors and set the color scheme the way you want.  Call the Tampa professionals for your next carpet cleaning project.

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