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Not all Tampa, FL  companies that clean carpet or advertise that they perform water damage restoration services are qualified to dry out a wet home and its contents. To handle water damage or a flood properly, it requires the company and its technicians to be appropriately trained in the science of drying.

The firm also should be using the latest technology to detect the presence of moisture, even behind walls and under floors. Being certified in Building Science Thermograph makes us uniquely qualified for this. Having the right equipment to dry inside walls, floors, ceilings and cabinets is also a must when arriving to a flooded home. The firm you hire should be experienced and certified in the work they are performing. Use a qualified, professional company to ensure your home is returned back to normal.

IR termiteIR pipe breakIR instalation

From left to right: 1. Find out if you have hidden leaks or moisture problems in your home. 2. We can even locate hidden termite nests inside ceilings and walls. 3. We can locate exactly  where the pipe break is inside the wall without doing any damage. 4. Address heating and cooling losses in your home with pinpoint accuracy.


Homeowners, Insurance Agents & Adjusters in Florida

Dry Solutions takes pride in our “by the book” drying systems. We strictly follow the I.I.C.R.C. published standards and use Xactimate pricing. These principles are in place for everyone’s safety and to ensure that each job is finished correctly.


Water Damage Restoration Emergency Quick Tips

1. Safety First! Walk carefully on wet surfaces, especially when moving from carpeted areas onto hard surfaces. If there are any sagging ceilings, do not walk under them. They may collapse. You may want to make a small hole in them and let them drain into a plastic bucket in order to relieve pressure the water is creating.

2. Do not turn on any overhead lights if your ceiling is wet. Do not operate any electrical appliances while standing on wet carpets or floors.

3. Call Dry Solutions, we will respond quickly and dispatch a certified plumber to stop and or fix the leak. Call us 24/7  at  (813) 428-1288  or (727) 799-4027 . If fresh water is involved, turn off the valve to the fixture that is leaking. If you cannot locate the break, then turn off the main water supply valve to your home.

4. If the water source was clean, remove as many items as possible to prevent further damage. Books, shoes, paper goods and light furniture can be moved to a safe area. Do not attempt this if the water is contaminated as from a sewer source.


Our Training Certifications For Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration is certified in many different areas to better serve you in a disaster. Below are just some of our training certifications.

  • Certified Water Damage Restoration Firm
  • State Certified in Building Science Thermographer (infrared)
  • EPA Lead Certified in Renovation, Repair & Painting
  • Certified Carpet Repair & Re-installation Firm
  • Certified Carpet Cleaning Firm
  • Certified Upholstery Cleaning Firm
  • Certified in Tile Cleaning & Grout Color Sealing
  • Certified in Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

We work closely with your insurance company and provide them with everything they need to expedite the whole process. We document your water damage with digital pictures, infrared pictures, all indoor and outside readings during the drying emergency (beginning to end) and provide copies to you and your insurance company.

Call us today with your questions or if you need help with a project. Call only a professional that is qualified to handle this type of emergency and is not limited to just extracting the water in your home.

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Our Preferred Contractor List
Over the years we have comprised a list of preferred companies that we work with. By working closely with these companies, they have proven themselves by their expertise, professionalism, dedication and most importantly their satisfied clients. Call us if you are in need of a specific service. We may be able to help.




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