Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most neglected areas of the home simply because the grout is porous, therefore extremely hard to clean. Scrubbing tile and grout lines for hours, with a small brush, while using harsh and irritating chemicals is unsafe and difficult. Most of us would rather rearrange our sock drawer.


There is a better way. Dry Solutions heats purified water to over 230 degrees. We then inject an oxygenated form of hydrogen peroxide at 1200 pounds of pressure, utilizing precision tools that are self-contained, meaning zero over spray. Cleaning your floors doesn’t have to be messy.

After your tile and grout lines are cleaned and sealed we polish your floor while drying it with special fans used to speed dry moist areas. The end result is a floor that has no residue on it to attract dirt and clean grout lines.

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Let Us Transform Your Tile Floors To A New Look

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Grout Color Sealing (An Alternative To Just Cleaning)

We use state of the art technology in our grout coloring process. Here are some of the benefits to you:

  • Grout uniform in color.
  • Grout will look better than when it was new.
  • Your floors will clean with ease for years to come.
  • Hundreds of colors to choose from.
  • Go from a light color to a dark color or vise verse.
  • Your floors will resist stains.
  • Grout with permanent stains can be restored to a brand new look.
  • Our color sealer comes in hundreds of shades, matching any existing color.
  • Our product is the best, state of the art color sealer.
  • Our product is not sold in stores.

5 Step Tile Cleaning Procedure:

Dry Solutions has a patented 5-step process to ensure your grout and tile will be thoroughly cleaned before our color sealer is applied, giving you the best protection available in the industry. Guaranteed!

  1. Before cleaning, we transfer your furniture as needed; after the job is complete your furniture is put back in place.
  2. We then proceed in cleaning your grout and tile using only state of the art equipment. We invite you to look inside our vans and see for yourself.
  3. We dry your grout using high velocity air movers.
  4. The next step involves permanently color sealing your grout, in the process making it both waterproof, as well as stain proof, thus making it easier to clean and maintain. Your grout will then become a single uniform color thus making it look even better than when it was new.
  5. For the final step, we bring back the original sheen of your tiles by using a commercial buffer. This will leave you with flooring which will be not only be clean and spotless but it will likewise be easier maintain and clean moving forward.


Should I seal grout? Although grout does not need to be sealed, it is a wise choice. Grout is porous and without protection it will begin absorbing dirt and grime immediately after installation, even with regular mopping. This can leave your grout color uneven and dirty.

What sealers work best? Most sealers on the market today, even the expensive ones, only provide stain resistance; not stain proofing. Stain resistance means you have a little more time to pick up a spill, but it’s just not enough protection for most homeowners. Simply sealing grout does not make it stain proof.

Color sealing is one of the most effective ways of ensure that your grout is stain proof. This is because it creates a layer of tough and long-lasting protection which helps in preventing the dust, dirt, and spills from getting absorbed in the grout. The original color of the grout is preserved and “locked in” whereas the foreign material are “sealed out”. With color sealing, if you ever have any kind of spills on your grout al you would need to do is wipe it away and everything will look clean and just like new once more.

How important is it to clean my grout before sealing? Very important! If the grout is not cleaned thoroughly, the sealer will not penetrate the grout, which can lead to the sealer peeling in the future.

How long after the color seal has been applied before I can walk on the floor? It is recommended to allow 30 minutes before allowing traffic on your newly color sealed floor.

What is the curing time for the grout color seal? The protection will take 3 weeks to fully cure. During this curing time the grout should be kept dry. Spills should be wiped up and the floor may be spot cleaned, but mopping should be avoided.

Can you match my existing grout? Perfectly. Our color seal is tinted to match all grout manufacturers’ colors and can even be custom matched to fabric and carpet.

Can I change the color of my grout lines? Yes. We can change the look of your grout to match new decor or simply to update the look of your home. We have hundreds of colors to choose from.

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