Pet Odor Removal

Pet stains and odors are no laughing matter. What appears to be a small stain on top usually is much larger down below. Here’s why.

Pet stains are a lot like icebergs, for one thing you only notice about 10% of the problem. Also, it is similar to an iceberg given that majority of the issue is found underneath your carpet particularly in the padding and in the sub floor. If you only address the visible problem then you are leaving untouched the remaining 90% of the problem. In order to help address this issue, below are the 3 options that we offer to completely eliminate the pet stains on your carpet.

First Option

To deal with the pet stains, we use a very strong and potent odor neutralizer on the problem areas on your carpet. Once we have cleaned your carpets, we then use an effective deodorizer to help fight odors which prevent odors that could be left behind. This particular technique is 40% effective and it will not be able to eliminate the pet odor permanently as it is likely concentrated in the padding and in the sub floor. In order to completely eliminate the odor it must be addressed at its source.

Second Option

For the second option, we thoroughly rinse the soiled area of your carpet with water using the extraction tool specifically made for the purpose. Afterwards, we apply a deodorizing enzyme on the affected area to help treat the problem. The enzymes is going to help in attacking the odor-causing bacteria on your carpet. After the enzyme has done its job, we then rinse the area again using the extraction tool which is designed to specifically extract from the padding the urine and enzyme treatment previously applied. With the removal of the most of urine of your pet from the padding and the sub floor, the odor which is concentrated there is likewise eliminated. Though the odor on the padding and the sub floor is removed, we cannot guarantee that it will be odor-free given that the carpet padding has pockets and because of the porous nature of the sub floor. This particular option has an 80% to 90% effectiveness rate which will surely leave you satisfied.

Third Option

For the third option, what we do is we pinpoint the affected areas and then pull back the carpet to remove all of the padding which has been soiled there. We then proceed in sealing the sub floor using an odor counteracting sealer. Once we have done this, we then put in new padding and then re-install the pulled back carpet. To finish the job we apply our effective enzyme treatment to deodorize the area and then we rinse it thoroughly. This option will give you 90% to 100% positive results.


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