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Do you remember how dirty your air filter was the last time you changed it? Now try to imagine how dirty your heating & cooling ducts could be. Our certified technicians will clean and sanitize your duct work and when we are finished, we will show you the results with a specialized camera made to inspect your ducts. This see for yourself process removes any doubt about whether your ducts were cleaned properly.Watch the short video below for a cleaning demonstration.  

  • According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is among the top five U.S. health risks
  • People spend 60%-90% of their time indoors


Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning your lint screen is simply not enough to ensure an efficient  safe working dryer. Even a cleaned lint screen traps only about 75% of the lint produced inside a dryer. The rest of the lint builds up over time inside the dryer vent. This becomes a fire hazard causing overheating.
Watch Videos To Learn Why You Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned Every Year

  • Eliminates Fire Hazard (clogged vents = nearly 16,000 fires per year)
  • Reduces Drying Times (increases Air Flow / Energy Efficiency = Reduced bills)
  • Extends Dryer Life (save on repair bills, dryer last longer)
  • Every 45 minute cycle can cost nearly $1.00 so can you afford to pay double? If your dryer is getting hot but still taking forever it’s almost always your dryer vent.

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process Explained:

1. Initial air flow reading at the dryer vent exit

2. Two full passes with our rotary brush cleaning system

3. Transition tube cleaned out thoroughly

4. Clean deep down below your dryers lint screen

5. Vacuum around and underneath your dryer

6. Take a final air-flow reading to ensure optimal performance

7. One year notification by phone, e-mail or postcard.

This service pays for itself many times over so why take a chance with your home and loved ones. Call today to schedule a cleaning.

100%  Worry Free Guarantee. We have cleaned hundreds of dryer vents making them work more efficiently while saving you money on your electric bill  and we guarantee it or your money back!

Neighborhood Special. Save 10% when you and your neighbor schedule your appointment together




If your dryer vent system cannot breath it cannot dry properly.

photo-3 photo-4photo-1

Three common conditions when you experience long drying cycles

Photo 1: your vent exhaust is clogged up with layers of lint.

Photo 2: your vent leading from your dryer to the wall is kinked up. If everything else was clean your dryer could not do it’s job properly.

Photo 3: your vent leading from your dryer to the wall is not hooked up properly. This lessens your dryers ability to dry and makes a mess.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is cleaning my air ducts necessary?

It has been found by EPA studies that dirty air ducts is a major source of air pollution inside the home. This is because the air ducts is a potential haven for bacteria, mold, and mildew to breed and propagate. While dust mites do not really live and breed inside the air ducts, dirty and clogged ducts can be a source of the dead skin cells which is a major food source for the parasites.

If I am living in a new house will I still need your services?

The answer is yes! This is because while in the process of construction, your duct is left open so in turn the air handler usually runs several times without the benefit of a filter. Also at this period, the debris from the construction work like drywall, pieces of plaster, and dust can accumulate in your ducts without you even knowing it.

How am I going to know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

By using the iCam video inspection unit, a team of technicians will let you see just how dirty the ventilation system really is. They can likewise show you the appearance of your ducts before and after the cleaning so that you will see that they have done an excellent job.

We proudly service Tampa, FL and Clearwater, FL and surrounding areas.

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