Pet Spot Removal Ideas For Tampa Carpet Cleaning

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Tampa Carpet Cleaning Pet Spot Ideas

We just finished another carpet cleaning job in Tampa today. The spots that needed special attention were caused from the owner’s pet dog. After working very hard to remove all the pet stains we had a few that did not want to budge. While working in another part of the house we noticed the owner was using three different items in an attempt to remove what we couldn’t. One of these items was bleach. This is not the first time I witnessed this and I’m sure it will not be the last.

I have clients that have many pets and there is no one solution for me to write about that will remove all of your pet stains but I can share what we have learned over the years and if you follow this list it will greatly increase your chances. First let me say what not to use. I won’t list specific names but almost everything under your kitchen sink is a bad idea. Many of these items are simply too harsh to use on your carpet. Bleach is a great item to use but it mustn’t be used on your carpet. We use white terry cloth towels everyday for a number of uses and they all get washed with hot water and BLEACH but there are always stains left over even if we stop the wash cycle and let the towels sit for a long time before starting again. The towels are clean and smell fresh but bleach will not remove all the stains. Using bleach on a carpet will remove some spots but at the cost of removing the color as well. This leaves you with a new type of spot. So remember no bleach on the carpet:)

Now for the list of things that will improve your odds of removing those pet stains. First try to feed your pet foods that have no chemical dyes or acid dyes in the food. Colored food can be harder to remove than a food that has no dyes. Second, before applying a cleaner to the pet spot first remove as much of the spot by blotting with a big towel. One of your least favorites is best and one that is white. Third, mix a bottle of vinegar and water (50/50) in a spray bottle that has a mist setting. Just mist, don’t over wet the spot and use a new towel to absorb as much as you can. You may have to repeat this step until the spot is gone. Forth, know that your pet spots are strong acids and can be difficult to remove on certain carpet types. Just do the best you can. The smaller the animal the more difficult the pet spot will be to remove because it’s more concentrated. If you just follow this list of 3 it will greatly increase your chances of removing pet stains form your carpet. Working in Tampa cleaning carpet for over a decade has many challenges but is never dull. I wish all of you luck and happy spotting.

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