Oriental Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

Oriental rugs are some of the most delicate home decors. Most of these rugs are antique and have intricate designs. They can be pricey too. So caring for them properly and maintaining them well is a must for every homemaker.
The thing is that you cannot easily prevent these rugs from getting stained. If you just hang them on walls as decors then it wouldn’t be much of a problem. But if they are functional ones such as those which you put on your floors as added accents, then, they would be prone to stain accidents such as spills.
But as long as you know what to do, it wouldn’t be that difficult to clean and maintain your oriental rug. Here are some of the things you should do:
Get to know you rug very well.
Find out when it was made, what type of fabric is used, etc. it’s not just about buying it at the right price. It’s also about knowing how to take care of it and clean it properly without destroying it.
Clean your rug every day.
Yes, there are no excuses; you have to clean it every day. It would be great if you have a vacuum cleaner as this will make the task a lot easier. When you vacuum, make sure that the entire rug is covered. Also flip the rug to the other side and vacuum it. Dirt does not only stick to the front side. The purpose of every day cleaning is not simply to keep the dust of your rug. It is also meant to help you inspect the rug for any stains.
Keep a spot removal kit.
Aside from daily cleaning, you may also have to do some occasional spot cleaning. In case you find some stains on your rug, it is best that you address it right away to avoid allowing the stain to sink deeper into your rugs fabric. Your spot-removal kit should contain pieces of absorbent cloth (preferably cotton), baking soda, white vinegar, a sprayer and a carpet brush. These are the things which you’ll need for generally most carpet stains.
Deep clean your rug regularly.
Deep cleaning the rug is also necessary. So even if there are no stains, try to give your rug a wash at least once a year. Note that rugs are delicate so it is best to hand wash them. You can also hire a professional to do the cleaning for you.