Mold Removal

Mold Remediation

Why Use Dry Solutions For Mold Removal?

  • Demolition Free Process
  • EPA Approved, Non-Toxic
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Detailed 3rd Party Lab Result Testing for Your Peace of Mind
  • Affordable Process Everyone Can Afford with A Name You Can Trust
  • And Most Important, Over 2 Decades of Service In Our Community


Mold Removal Options

*Demolition Free Mold Removal

The Science, Safety, & Satisfaction of our Just Gone Mold Removal System.


No mold remediation system does a more thorough job of addressing both the visible mold and air quality. Our all natural, non-toxic process works on even the most sensitive surfaces, yet has the strength to tackle moldy furniture, leather jackets, and keepsakes. We treat and clean all types of furnishings, clothing, valuables and household items. Our process is backed up with third party clearance reporting and signed off by a biochemist for your peace of mind.


Our Just Gone System, in most cases, can have you back in your home the same day. 90% of our clients appreciate not being put out for weeks with traditional remediation projects.


Using our Just Gone System, our mold technicians can save you money. You do not have to live with mold in your home anymore because our process is affordable for everyone.

*Traditional Mold Removal    

With extensive mold damage, sometimes it’s necessary to remove, and replace items. The following steps explain how we treat traditional mold removal.

  • Containment barriers using negative air pressure are often used to prevent cross-contamination while working inside your home.
  • Air scrubbers using HEPA filters are used to constantly clean and filter the air inside the containment areas.
  • Removal of damaged building materials is necessary if they cannot be treated, cleaned and salvaged.
  • Using the best means for the removal of mold, we then set out to clean and remove all remaining mold.
  • Mold eradication using our Just Gone System for all mold spores on surfaces, including the air.
  • Third party lab reporting signed off by a biochemist for your peace of mind.


This method of mold removal requires more time to complete, which is why this method is more costly. If you have any questions about which option is best for you, just call to have one of our mold experts visit your home for a FREE evaluation. Our licensed technicians can review your concerns, answer your questions, and give you written options on which method is best for you.

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