How to Remove White Glue Stains on the Carpet

White glue is one item which can be very useful inside the home. It can be utilized for various purposes such as school work and office work. It is really easy to use and it can help hold things together for the different projects that you might need it for. It is also very inexpensive thus you can have a ton of it without really spending too much money.

When you are using the white glue though, there may be a moment when you look away or you become clumsy which will probably result in a big spill all over your carpet. This is not a pleasant sight to behold since the white glue is going to cause all kinds of trouble on your carpet.

The white glue is sure to cause the fibers of the carpet to get clumped together as well as result in a noticeable stain that will be tough to get rid of. If you are dealing with such a problem in your home, quickly read the tips below to learn what you should do to fix it.

• Get a clean paper towel and begin to blot the spilled white glue on your carpet. You may also choose to carefully scoop up the glue with the help of a dull knife if you prefer. Either way, continue with this step until you have extracted as much of the glue as you can.
• Add a few drops of water on the white glue stain which has been left behind in order to dilute it and prevent it from drying up quickly. After applying the water, get a clean white cloth and blot the affected portion of the carpet a couple of times to help remove the glue stain.
• Mix one teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with two cups of warm water to make a cleaning solution that will surely get rid of the white glue stain on your carpet. Pour some of the resulting solution on the stained carpet area and then get a clean paper towel and use it to blot the stain.
• Perform the previous step several times until the white glue stain is completely gone. This will not take too long as the cleaning solution will have broken down the stain effectively. After removing the stain, get a cup of clean water and then pour it on the spot where the glue stain used to be so that you can eliminate any residue that could stay behind.