How to Properly Get Rid of Cat Urine on Wool Rugs

Having a wool rug can certainly add beauty and flair to any room in your home. Wool rugs are really popular because of the aesthetic improvement that they can bring. They can certainly tie everything up together so that your home will look beautiful and appealing.

Some people think that just because they have wool rugs that they do not have to clean and maintain it as often. This is a big mistake as wool rugs can become soiled and dirty too much like any ordinary rug. A very pesky problem that can sometimes occur is that the wool rug may get soiled by cat urine which could be very tough to clean up.

If you are dealing with cat urine on your wool rug at home, taking the right steps is very important. To help you out, check out the handy guide to help you in restoring your wool rug to normal.

Removing the cat urine on your wool rug is step number one and should be priority for you to do. Take some clean paper towels and then use it to blot the cat urine out of your rug fibers. Do this again and again until you have removed as much of the urine on your rug.

Next up is dealing with the ugly stain that the cat urine has caused. This is going to be tough so do not expect to get results right away. The first thing for you to do in getting rid of the stain is to apply a cleaning solution to it. Get the common rug cleaning products that you often use and then pour some of it on the soiled area.

Blotting the cat urine stain on your wool rug is step number three in this guide. You have to do this step in order that you can lift the ugly stain out of the rug fibers. Make sure that you use a clean white cloth for this purpose as it will be able to lift the stain without leaving behind any unwanted mark. Continue with this until the entire cat urine stain is gone.

The final step is to rinse the spot on your rug where the cat urine stain was found. This is to stop any residue from getting left behind on your rug fibers. After rinsing the area with cool water, get a clean towel and dry off your rug before using it again.