How to Clean Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are some of the most sought after rugs by collectors and enthusiasts. Rug-weaving in Turkey started way back the beginning of civilization and rug-making techniques have been handed down from generation to generation.
The most authentic of Turkish rugs are really hand-woven. They’re made of various materials from goat’s skin to silk. This makes them highly delicate and it can be a challenge to keep them clean or maintain them. You have to be very careful not to be too harsh on the fabric. Otherwise, it can completely destroy your rug.
Use these tips in cleaning and taking care of your Turkish rugs:
1. Know the type of rug that you have. It is very important for you to know what material your rug is made of and whether it is hand woven and what types of knots were used. There are also some rugs which are machine-made. This will tell a lot about how you’re going to take care of your rug.
2. Ask the seller for care instructions. When you buy a rug, it is important to ask the seller for some instructions as to how you’re supposed to clean the rug. Some rugs have it in their tags but others, especially the antique ones don’t. So it is best that you get some instructions from the retailer himself.
3. Some Turkish rugs are made of silk and silk rugs are quite sensitive. You cannot easily wash them the way you usually do with other rugs. You have to give it extra care and go easy on the brushing. Use the mildest detergents and as much as possible leave the cleaning to professionals to make sure that the right thing is done.
4. Vacuum the rug regularly. One cleaning method that you can do daily is to vacuum the rug. just make sure your vacuum cleaner does not have a brush with hard bristles on its nozzle. These hard nozzles can potentially damage the rug.
5. Deep clean the rug at least once every year. For deep cleaning, it is advisable that you bring the rug to a professional so that you’re sure that the right thing is being done. However, you can also do it yourself as long as the rug material isn’t too delicate and if you know how to handle it. Note that for handmade rugs like Turkish rugs, you’d have to hand wash them and you have to be extra careful in doing so.