How to Clean Strawberry Milk Stains on Your Carpet

Children love milk and they really enjoy it when it comes in various flavors. Many prefer chocolate milk but certainly one flavor which is always popular is strawberry. Strawberry milk is just full of creamy and delicious flavor that kids and even adults enjoy.

Drinking strawberry milk on a daily basis will not only make your taste buds happy but it can also help you become healthier. Just be careful not to accidentally spill the strawberry milk on your carpet though as that could lead to a very tough cleaning problem.

Nobody wants to clean up stains on their carpets but unfortunately mishaps occur without warning and you are left with no choice if you want to restore the beauty of your carpet at home. To help you in cleaning up the strawberry milk stains on your carpet, refer to the handy post below.

The one thing that you should do right away whenever you are dealing with strawberry milk stains on the carpet is to remove as much of the spill as you can. This will really help you in making sure that the problem is isolated and will not spread to other areas.

Once you are through in extracting the spilled strawberry milk from the carpet, the next thing you should work on is removing the ugly stain that it has left behind. You can choose to use any common carpet cleaning product that you use or you can make a homemade cleaning solution if you do not have any of the former. To make the latter, simply combine one teaspoon of dish washing liquid with a cup of warm water.

Pour some of the cleaning solution that you have produced on the strawberry milk stain on your carpet. Then what you need to do is to blot the stain repeatedly until it is completely removed. This may not happen very quickly so staying patient is important. Eventually your carpet will be clean and beautiful once more.

Rinsing the carpet to get rid of the unwanted residue that could stay behind is the final step in this guide. Just use a cup of water to rinse the area and then dry it off thoroughly using a fan or some clean towels.

You see, cleaning up strawberry milk stains should not be that difficult. Try it out the next time you have this predicament at home to have an easy time cleaning up the mess.