Holiday Carpet Cleaning: Removing Eggnog Stains Effectively

The holidays will not be complete without having house parties to gather together your close friends and family. Holiday food and drinks are always a big hit during these events and there is probably none as popular as eggnog.

This holiday drink is always very popular during holiday parties. Not only is it really delicious but it can also be made in a variety of ways according to your own personal taste. Sadly, in parties such as this spilling some eggnog on the carpet is not uncommon and it is one difficult problem that homeowners have to deal with.

Spilling eggnog on the carpet will definitely result in a big mess and a nasty stain which will be hard to remove. Thankfully, this is not a problem without a solution. If you are dealing with this predicament in your home, check out the guide below to learn how to best handle eggnog stains on your carpet.

Absorb the spilled eggnog as quickly as possible to avoid it from spreading to a larger area of the carpet. Use some paper towels or a clean white cloth to absorb the eggnog and then extract it in an empty bowl. Repeat this until all of the excess liquid is removed.

Next, get a small amount of water and then dilute the stained portion of the carpet. After diluting the stain, get a piece of paper towel and then blot it several times to help remove some of the stain particles.

Preparing a cleaning solution for the eggnog stain is the third step that you need to undertake. All you would need to do is to combine one teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with three cups of warm water and you’ll have a very good cleaning solution for the stain.

Pour a couple of drops of the cleaning solution on the eggnog stain and then let it stand there for five minutes. Once the time is up, get a clean white cloth which you must then use to blot the eggnog stain. After a while of blotting it, the stain will be removed completely from the carpet fibers.

Complete the task by rinsing the area where the eggnog stain was using a cup of room temperature water. Once this has been done, dry the area using a clean towel and you are finally through restoring your carpet back to its normal and clean self.