Helpful Guide to Remove Cheese Spread Stains on the Carpet

Cheese spreads are one of the more popular kinds of spreads which people love to add to their bread, pastries, crackers, and other food items. Cheese spreads can be really delicious and perfect for those who want to have a nice sandwich or it can even be used as a dip too.

But while cheese spread can be a delight to enjoy, it can sometimes cause some troubles too. One instance is when you inadvertently drop the pastry or bread with the cheese spread and then it causes a big mess on your carpet. The cheese spread can cause a very ugly stain on your carpet thus making it ugly and unappealing. Cleaning it up can be a pain too which is why you need to take the correct steps to remedy the problem. Read the guide below which I have made to find out what you can do to clean up the cheese spread stains on the carpet.

It is important to clear up any foreign material on your carpet immediately to avoid having really stubborn stains. You need to scrape off the cheese spread that is on your carpet using a dull knife and then take a few paper towels and use it to blot the affected area further.

The second step in this guide is to prepare a handy cleaning agent that will be instrumental in removing the ugly cheese spread stain. You can actually make use of some items around the house such as clear ammonia for this purpose. Just mix one part of clear ammonia with four parts of warm water and place it in a container.

Using the cleaning agent that you have made in the previous step, soak the stained area on your carpet and let it set there for a couple of minutes. The solution will slowly work on the cheese spread stain so that it will be broken down.

Afterwards, use a clean paper towel to continuously blot the spot where the stain is located. The stain may be removed right away but sometimes it can be stubborn too so you should stay patient with it until all of it is gone.

The last step in the guide is to remove the residue that could stay behind the carpet. Use a clean cup of water to flush out the residue and afterwards just dry the carpet using a clean towel.