Getting Rid of Ugly Carrot Juice Stains on the Carpet

If you are a health buff then you already know that drinking the right drinks are important for our body. Many people usually go with fruit juices for this purpose but what they do not know is that vegetables can also make for health and delicious drinks.

One such vegetable which you can make into a healthy and tasty juice is carrots. Carrots are full of nutrients and vitamins, particularly Vitamin A which is great for our eyesight. Drinking plenty of carrot juice on a daily basis is surely going to give your body a boost in terms of health and the nutrients that you take in.

Sometimes though the carrot juice can cause an eyesore and this is not related to the health of your eyes. It can happen if you accidentally spill it all over your carpet and thus cause a very problematic stain that is hard to get rid of.

If you are in this very situation and you do not know what to do, read the helpful guide below to get your carpet back to normal in no time.

• Take a very clean sponge and start to absorb the spilled carrot juice on your carpet. You must always exercise caution when doing this as you could accidentally spread the spill on a wider area of your carpet. Repeat this until there is no more excess carrot juice on the carpet.
• The next thing you should do is to use a very potent cleaning agent for the bright orange stain on your carpet. You just have to apply the usual cleaning solution that you use for the carpet and apply it on the ugly stain.
• Using some paper towels, slowly blot the carrot juice stain on the carpet repeatedly. You must do this as soon as you can so that the carrot juice stain won’t have settled on the carpet yet.
• Repeat the previous step until the entire carpet area is free of the bright orange stain. After everything your carpet should be back to normal. All you have to do is to rinse the area affected previously by the stain using some clean water and then everything should be clean and spotless once again.

Cleaning up carrot juice stain can be a real pain in the neck sometimes but thankfully the guide above will be able to make this task easier for you. Good luck!