Getting Rid of Nail Polish Stains on the Carpet

Our fingernails are one of the smallest parts of our body yet it can play a big role in our overall appearance. Having dirty and untidy fingernails will certainly play a big part in making you look unattractive. On the other hand if you make your nails attractive then you will certainly see a boost in your appeal.
Nail polish is one accessory which people use to improve the way that their nails look. This can come in many different shades and colors and there is certainly a color for each and every person. While nail polish can improve the appearance of your nails, if you inadvertently get it on other areas it can create a very ugly mess. One spot where this can happen is on your carpet.
Staining your carpet using nail polish can be very disastrous but you must not panic since you can do something about it. Try the guide below to help get rid of the nail polish stains on your carpet at home.
• Quickly get some paper towels and use it to blot the nail polish on your carpet. Do this immediately to have the best chance to easily clean up the mess. Repeat this until there are no more nail polish particles transferring onto the surface of your carpet.
• The second step in this guide is to get some non-acetone nail polish remover. This is going to be used in order to eliminate the ugly stained caused on your carpet fibers. You need to pour a small amount of the nail polish remover on a piece of absorbent cloth and then use the cloth to repeatedly blot the nail polish stain on your carpet.
• Continue to blot the nail polish stain on your carpet until all of it is completely removed. It may take a while but soon enough you will be able to remove it and finally get your carpet back to normal.
• After you remove the nail polish stain, get a cup of water and rinse the area you cleaned. This is to ensure that there is no more residue which will be left behind on your carpet fibers. After rinsing the area, get a clean rag or towel and then use it to thoroughly dry the carpet.
See, removing the nail polish stain on your carpet is not that hard. Follow the guide above and your carpet should be clean and spotless once more without any hassles.