Easily Cleaning Up Olive Oil Stains on the Rug

Olive oil has become really popular among food lovers these days. Not only is it healthier than the ordinary cooking oil that people use to cook their food, it is also really great to use in various recipes. You can use it to prepare salad dressings, pasta, as well as preparing your chicken, fish, and other meat products.

Olive oil is excellent to have in your kitchen but it most certainly is not something that you want to spill on your rug at home. Sadly, this is not an occurrence which some homeowners can avoid as mishaps happen without any warning. Spilling olive oil on your rug can be a nightmare but there is a solution to help get it out of the rug without having any long term effects.

If you are dealing with this exact same predicament at home, check out the guide below to help you in restoring your rug to normal.

1. Take a piece of paper towel and gradually blot the spilled olive oil to remove it from the rug fibers. You should do this really carefully since the oil could still spread to other areas if you are not cautious. After extracting as much of the olive oil you can move on to the next step.
2. Get a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and then add it to three cups of warm water. The detergent is perfect for removing oil-based stains such as olive oil since it can dissolve the stain easily. Put this solution inside a clean container and then go to where the olive oil stain is located.
3. Pour a small amount of the cleaning solution you made using the non-bleach laundry detergent on the soiled portion of your rug. Be sure to let a few minutes pass first before doing anything else. After about three minutes, get a clean white cloth and slowly blot the ugly stain on your rug.
4. You will notice that blotting the olive oil stain will cause it to become lighter. Repeat the previous step until the entire olive oil stain is gone. It could take a few minutes but staying patient will pay off in the long run.
5. Rinsing the rug to remove the residue that could get left behind on it is the final step that you should take. After rinsing the area with a cup of water, dry it off and then you can resume in using it as you normally would.