Cleaning Up Tuna Salad Spills on the Carpet

Many people want to eat healthy nowadays and this approach is certainly something that more and more individuals should look to try. Eating the right foods is always important to stay fit and one of the types of food that you should look to eat more of is fish.

Tuna is one of the more popular kinds of fish that people love to eat. It can be enjoyed countless ways and one way which I personally enjoy is using tuna to make a healthy salad. Tuna salad is always a big hit at gatherings and family outings and the great thing about it is that it is really easy to make.

While tuna salad can be really delicious and easy to prepare, it can be very difficult to clean up if you accidentally spill some of it on your carpet. This will undoubtedly cause an ugly stain which can be tough to clean. If you are in this very situation, quickly read the guide below to help you out.

  1. Remove the food particles on your carpet right away to prevent the problem from becoming worse. You should use a clean spoon or dull knife to gradually remove the tuna salad particles out of the carpet. Use some paper towels too to help blot out any liquid portions that you may not remove using the spoon or knife.
  2. After clearing the tuna salad on your carpet the next step you should focus on is to eliminate the ugly stain which the spill has left behind. You should use a cleaning solution for this step and you can easily make one by combining a teaspoon of dish washing liquid with a cup of warm water.
  3. Pour the cleaning solution that you have prepared in the previous step on the affected portion of the carpet and leave it there for four minutes. The cleaning solution is going to break down the ugly tuna salad stain so that it can be removed from the carpet.
  4. Afterwards, use a clean white cloth to blot the tuna salad stain repeatedly until you are able to eliminate it. The stain can be really stubborn at times so always be patient when performing this step.
  5. Rinse the area of the carpet where you spilled the tuna salad to eliminate any residue that could potentially harm your carpet over time. Dry the area thoroughly using some clean towels and you’re done.