Cleaning Up Mayonnaise Spills on Your Carpet

Mayonnaise is used in the kitchen as an ingredient in a lot of dishes. It can be added to a sandwich to make it taste better or to salads and many other kinds of foods. It is one of the common food items that tons of people use everyday. Sadly, sometimes accidents do happen and you can inadvertently drop the mayonnaise you are handling and spilling it all over your beautiful carpet. Mayonnaise spills are no joke as it can leave a noticeable mark and can make your carpet ugly and filthy.

Proper steps should be taken right away if you have this very problem to avoid having any long term effects that your carpet may suffer. To guide you, below is a procedure which I have used when dealing with this type of carpet cleaning crisis.

1. Scoop up as much of the mayonnaise as you can from the carpet using a dull knife. Be careful when doing this step as you don’t want to make things worse by spreading the spill further. Once you have removed as much of the spilled mayonnaise then you can properly attempt to clean up the stain that it created.
2. Next, pour some isopropyl alcohol on a piece of cloth or a cotton ball and then dab the stained area with it. This will work on the stain and break it up to make for easier stain removal. You won’t get all of the stain using this way but it certainly does help.
3. Now, you’ll need to create a cleaning solution that you will be using on the mayonnaise stain. To do this, you have to combine a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with ¾ liter of water. Then, apply some of this onto the stain and then proceed to the next step.
4. After you have applied the dishwashing liquid cleaning solution, get a clean white cloth and start blotting the area once again. You will immediately see some improvement as the mayonnaise stain will come off the carpet and gradually transfer onto the cloth’s surface. Repeat this step until the entire stain is gone.
5. Rinse the carpet with clean water to remove any cleaning solution residue and dry it using a wet/dry vac so that you can resume using it again.

Mayonnaise spills are pretty messy and can leave your carpet dirty, sticky, and unattractive. If you have this problem at home, quickly refer to the guide above so that you can get rid of it immediately without a hitch.

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