Cleaning Up Baby Vomit on Your Carpet

Having a cute baby around the house can really make everyone light up with a smile. Who can resist the innocent and joyful laughter that a baby makes? One drawback with having a baby around your home though is that they can make quite a mess. One of these problems is having them accidentally throw up on your carpet. Babies vomit all the time and sometimes this problem can’t be avoided. So what are you supposed to do to get rid of this mess?

Baby vomit can be very problematic for any carpet owner. It makes your carpet dirty as well as making it unhygienic. These issues can be very tough to remedy especially if you do not know the right way to do it. Here are some tips to help you get by and solve this dilemma.

1. Clear the Spill of Any Excess Particles – The first step to clean the baby vomit is to clean the spill area of any excess particles on it. Some vomit may be of more solid consistency and in these instances you should use a spoon and scoop it up to remove it. If it is more liquid and wet then get a clean rag and slowly blot the area to get rid of it.
2. Use a Vinegar Cleaning Solution on the Stain – Now that you have cleared the area of any excess particles, the next step is for you to create the cleaning solution which will be effective against the remaining stain. This can be done by mixing one part of white vinegar with four parts water. Place this inside a container or a spray bottle and mix it very well.
3. Apply the Cleaning Solution on the Vomit Stain – With the cleaning solution on hand, the next thing for you to do is to apply it onto the vomit stain. It is recommended that you use a spray bottle for this step so that you can properly control the amount of cleaning solution you use.
4. Cover the Stain with a Clean White Cloth – Once you have soaked the stain in the cleaning solution, get a clean white cloth and cover the soiled area with it. Next, use a spoon and blot and apply pressure onto the covered stain. This will help transfer the stain from the carpet onto the cloth. Repeat this step until you have completely gotten rid of the stain.
5. Rinse the Stained Area – The last step is for you to rinse the area with water. This will flush out any excess cleaning solution which may be left behind the carpet.