Cleaning Tomato Soup Stains on Your Carpet

Keeping your carpet neat and clean is almost an impossible job. Everyday it is subjected to all kinds of cleaning threats such as dust, dirt, stains, and unsightly marks. Cleaning up these problems are not exactly a walk in the park and usually the homeowner will need to spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess. One problem that many people often encounter is cleaning up food spills on the carpet, such as accidentally spilling tomato soup while eating it in the living room. This occurrence is not that uncommon and learning how to clean this up will be very helpful in case you will face this situation in the future. Below are the steps that you should follow when you have a tomato soup spill on your carpet at home.

1. Remove the Excess Tomato Soup on the Carpet – This is the best way to start cleaning up this mess. Removing the excess tomato soup on the carpet not only helps in preventing the spill from becoming worse, it also makes it easier for you to clean up the remaining stain. Use a clean sponge or some rags and dab it onto the stain to remove the excess liquid so that all that will be left is the ugly stain on your carpet.
2. Use a Carpet Cleaning Solution on the Stain – After clearing up the excess tomato soup on the carpet, it is now time to apply some cleaning solution on the stain. You may take your pick on the carpet cleaning product that you are using, just make sure that it is compatible with the type of carpet you have before using it directly on the carpet fibers. To do this, test a small amount first on an unnoticeable portion of the carpet to see if it causes damage to the fibers. If not, then you may proceed in applying it to the stain.
3. Blot the Stain Using a Clean White Cloth – After applying the carpet cleaning product on the stain, use a clean white cloth and start blotting it. This step will help transfer the stain from the carpet surface onto the cloth. Continue doing this step until all of the stain is removed. Sometimes it will take only one attempt but in other cases it might take several tries. Just don’t give up easily and continue doing this until you totally get rid of the stain.
4. Rinse the Carpet with Water – Doing this last step is to make sure you rinse any excess cleaning solution residue on the carpet. The excess residue can build up over time and damage your carpet so rinsing it is important.

Tomato soup is delicious to eat but never a pleasant experience to clean up after you spill it on the carpet. If ever you encounter this type of situation, don’t panic and simply follow the steps above to be able to remove the tomato soup stain on your carpet with ease.

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