Cleaning Chocolate Milk Spills on Your Carpet

Chocolate milk is delicious and are loved by both kids and adults alike. Who doesn’t like a nice, cold glass of chocolate milk in the morning, afternoon, or even at night. If you have children at home, chocolate milk is probably one of the things that occupy your fridge. One problem with chocolate milk though is that sometimes children can be playful and clumsy and this can cause them to spill some of it onto your carpet. This can create a pretty nasty stain which can really ruin a beautiful carpet.

So how do you get rid of this ugly brown mark on your favorite carpet? Well, it isn’t that easy but good for you that this stain is still very treatable. Check out the guide below to help you learn how to clean up chocolate milk spills on your carpet.

1. First, you’ll need to clean up the mess that is made by clearing up the area of any excess chocolate milk. You can do this by simply using a clean rag or a sponge to dab the spill in order for it to absorb the excess liquid. Do this repeatedly until you have removed as much of the chocolate milk on the carpet as you can.
2. Next, you’ll need to prepare the cleaning items which you will use. For this task, you’ll be needing a cleaning solution which you can make yourself using household items such as dishwashing liquid and water. You will also need a spray bottle, some paper towels or a clean white cloth, and a wet/dry vac if you have one.
3. Get the cleaning solution ready by mixing a teaspoon of the dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm water. Place this inside a spray bottle and apply the solution onto the soiled areas of the carpet. Let the stain soak in the cleaning solution for several minutes before moving on to the next step.
4. Now, get the paper towels or the clean white cloth and slowly blot the chocolate milk stain on your carpet. Be careful not to rub or scrub the stain as this may just cause it to become worse. Blotting it from the outside moving inwards is your best approach to get rid of the chocolate milk stain on your carpet. Continue doing this until the stain is completely gone.
5. The last step of the process is to rinse the carpet area you just cleaned with water. This will help flush out and remove any excess residue which could have been left behind. Dry the area using clean rags or with a wet/dry vac if you have one.

Chocolate milk spills need not be traumatic for you anymore. Simply follow the guide above and say goodbye to that ugly chocolate milk stain on your carpet in no time.

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