How to Remove White Glue Stains on the Carpet

White glue is one item which can be very useful inside the home. It can be utilized for various purposes such as school work and office work. It is really easy to use and it can help hold things together for the different projects that you might need it for. It is also very inexpensive … Read more

Tips to Protect Your Carpet

Carpets are always an attraction inside people’s homes and it is for good reason. They are really beautiful and attractive so it is no wonder why people love to have gorgeous carpets in their homes. While beautiful carpets can improve the overall aesthetic value of your home, you must also be wary of the damage … Read more

Ways of Eliminating Hard to Remove Rug Stains

Maintaining the cleanliness of the rug is one task that can be very difficult to accomplish. This s because not all cleaning problems on the rug can be dealt with easily. Sometimes it can be very difficult to achieve and one example is having very stubborn stains on it. Rug stains can be really annoying … Read more

How to Clean Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are some of the most sought after rugs by collectors and enthusiasts. Rug-weaving in Turkey started way back the beginning of civilization and rug-making techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. The most authentic of Turkish rugs are really hand-woven. They’re made of various materials from goat’s skin to silk. This … Read more