Wood Floors And Water Don’t Mix

  This picture shows what happens to wood floors when a Tampa Water Damage occurs. We know that wood expands when it gets wet and will keep on expanding until it reaches a point that is full so to speak. As wood floors expand they warp and cause further damage if left unchecked. The parquet … Read more

Time Is Your Worst Enemy During A Flood Loss

This picture shows what can happen when you experience a flood in your home. If the water is left to sit long enough, secondary damage will undoubtedly set in. The picture shows a common secondary damage called carpet delamination. What you’re seeing is the separation of the carpet. The primary and the secondary backing are … Read more

Pergo Flooring Has It’s Limits When It Comes To A Water Damage

This is what happens when your floor gets wet from pipe breaks/water damage. The picture above shows the threshold buckling as it swells from being in direct contact with water. This flooring is pergo, which means it will really absorb a lot of moisture and unfortunately be impossible to dry back to a pre loss … Read more

This Is Why Its Important To Hire A Professional Water Damage Firm & Not Just A Carpet Cleaner!

  When a pipe breaks or your washing machine overflows we all know we have an emergency on our hands. So now you take the appropriate measures and try to stop the water at the source to prevent further damage to other areas. You start cleaning up the water only to realize that this is … Read more

Why Continuing Education Is So Important In Water Damage Restoration Work

Lets paint a picture of a typical Tampa water damage loss. It’s just another day except today you find a large amount of water in your living room and now panic sets in. You can’t watch the evening news or even walk the dog because you know this kind of thing needs attention right now. … Read more

Color Sealing Your Tile Floors, Maybe Not!

The above picture was taken while cleaning the tile and grout in a kitchen/breakfast nook. The answer to your question is no, we did not doctor the photo, just cleaned a section to show the before and after results. Cleaning tile and grout is more complicated these days with so many do it your self … Read more