Carpet Cleaning 101: Deodorizing Your Carpet on a Budget

Pet odors, fungi, bacteria, and a lot more threats can cause your carpet to become unhygienic, unclean, and worst of all, have a nasty smell which can be observed even as you enter the door. If you constantly have visitors and guests in your home, you wouldn’t want to have to deal with the embarrassment that have a smelly carpet entails. Nobody wants to be in this kind of situation. Cleaning and deodorizing your carpet is easy enough and can likewise be done without hurting you financially. Some people always assume that deodorizing your carpet will cost you a ton of money. You will see in the list below, this is not always the case as you can get nice smelling carpets without having to use up your cleaning budget. Here are some of the ways where you can deodorize your carpet while even on a budget.



Use Vinegar to Deodorize Your Carpet – Vinegar is a nice, inexpensive way to remove the strong and nasty odor on your carpet. If you are dealing with smells such as wet/dog smell or pet stains, putting out a bowl of vinegar can make a lot of improvement as it can really be useful in absorbing the nasty smell and thus removing the unpleasant odor on your carpet. A different way of utilizing vinegar is by mixing it with clean water to create a cleaning solution which you can use. Use a teaspoon of the former with a cup of the later to create a nice cleaning solution which will deodorize your carpet in a jiffy.


Ammonia – Ammonia, while being constantly used to clean bathrooms and kitchens, is not always in the spotlight when talking about carpet cleaning. What many are unaware of is that using this affordable ingredient to remove strong smells can be really useful. Dealing with nasty odors can be a cinch when you use an ammonia based cleaning solution which is very simple enough to make on your own. You can do this by mixing a teaspoon of clear, white ammonia inside  spray bottle and applying a considerate amount of it onto the place where the odor is originating from. It is cheap and you won’t have to spend a lot of money or time waiting in lines to get the job done.


Hopefully these two cleaning methods of deodorizing your carpet can be of use to your particular situation. The next time you are dealing with carpet odors, don’ hesitate to use the tips above and have yourself a cleaning frenzy to get your wool carpet easily cleaned.


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