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Carpet Cleaning Tampa Photo

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This is a picture after cleaning half of the living room. The carpet is a Berber carpet and was heavily worn and in need of a good cleaning. To recap on the post before this one, you don’t (or at least you shouldn’t) wash your clothes the same way or with the same temperature water or with bleach or, well you get the idea. The same applies to cleaning different carpet types and materials. Certain carpet types respond better to specific cleaning techniques and knowing what system to use and how they respond is the key to delivering the best possible cleaning results.

Often we can make your carpet look like new again.  Many times we receive calls for a cleaning knowing that the client is going to replace the carpet if we cannot bring it back to life. Most spots can come clean if left to a professional cleaning company and were not treated by most harsh cleaners under your kitchen sink. Utilizing more than one cleaning method is very important to get the most out of all carpet types. Dry Solutions uses the three best systems for carpet cleaning in Tampa. It’s actually very nice to have a particular system to maximize the cleaning results.

We want to deliver the best cleaning possible each and every job. I believe most technicians want to do the same but try to imagine only having a few options at your disposal. Maybe a technician only knowing how to remove spots on a pile carpet but are unable to tackle a Berber carpet because of the fear of making it look worse and looking stupid in front of the client. You want a cleaner that has experience and the tools to do the best job each and every time. Having systems in place to address your carpet cleaning challenges are important in receiving a good quality job. I hope this post was helpful. We are carpet cleaning Tampa professionals and you can call us with any questions. Until next time have a great day.

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